1: Join Us.....

If you're not already a member, joining (click here) is quick and painless - we just need you name, address, email and telephone number. On your first delivery you'll need to show some id which confirms your address. If you already hold a Video Emporium membership card then you can skip right to step 2.

2: Choose your film

Either from the online catalogue, or by calling 07809 736762

3: Place your order

Call 07809 736762, or email
Delivery time will depend on when your order was processed, see below

'Paper-Round' Orders:

Orders before 7:30pm (Mon-Sun):
Any orders received before 7:30pm will be despatched together shortly after 7:30pm, which generally means your order will arrive around 8PM that very evening.


Orders before 2:30pm (Sat and Sun only):
Any orders received before 2:30pm on a Saturday or Sunday will be despatched together just after 2:30pm in the afternoon. Perfect for chilling with a movie the day after the night before


'Special Visit' Orders

Orders from 7 - Midnight: Any orders received after 7pm will be despatched as soon as possible, ordinarily arriving less than 20mins after your call. Be somebody, be special...


4: Wait for your doorbell...

...and then settle down for the evening, with your films, some snacks, and a big ol' tub of ice cream.


All rentals are £3, or 3 for £6, or 5 for £10.
New Release titles are yours for 4 nights, and all non-new releases get to spend the whole week with you..
We also offer a number of unlimited rental plans, which will land you something new to watch each and every evening, should you wish, from just £12 per month


Dvds can be returned in a number of ways:
Call - We will collect DVDs from most areas for free
Exchange - Give your previous rentals back when the courier brings you new ones
Drop off - Return your DVDs to one of the official drop off points spread around the city
By Post - Be sure to ask for a free jiffy bag when you place your order